Come to meet us on our stand in FIREFIGHTING 2019@  HELITECH 2018 !

from March 19th to 20th 2019 (call or text or email to organize a meeting)

H2i is a dry-lease helicopter company (Helicopters Leasing)
we are able to rent you choppers since few months to several years
to strengthen your fleet during a peak season activity or to perform a tender, a new activity , 
to replace one grounded for visit, repairs, to exchange one of yours , to sell your fleet,  etc...

H2i's owned fleet : 18 HELICOPTERS : 
 7 H125 / 4 AS350 B3e / 5 AS350 B3+ / AS2350 B2+ / EC120b   : all bought new by H2I.
we could buy other kind of chopper matching your needs 

Rent a helicopter for the set duration and number of hours you need ...
call / text  +33 617 675 405
email :        o.neuville@h2i-helicopters.com 
email :        h2i.helicopters@gmail.com

H2I HELICOPTERS A Fleet of 16 aircrafts dedicated to rent / lease to operators: AIRBUS HELICOPTER / EUROCOPTER / AEROSPATIALE : H125B / AS3350B3e / AS350B3+ / AS350B2 / EC120b